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Covid-19 Update

We follow the health and safety guidelines on social distancing, hygiene, and screening of clients. We recommend clients to wear mask when booking for massage.

If you are waiting for Covid-19 test results, or you feel sick, please mention that when booking online and we will contact you to discuss.

wellbeing through fitness, massage, and mindfulness


About US

Gabriel has developed a deep knowledge of the human body & experience during the last 10 years working as a Personal Trainer and as a Therapist. Those years, first in his home country Spain, and now Australia, gave to him the opportunity to work with many people of all ages and walks of life. He uses this winning combination of knowledge, between fitness & massage to assess & improve the function & quality of life of all of his clients.

Yuki has worked in the health and fitness industry training in many forms of body conditioning for the past 12 years from her home country of Japan to the U.S.A., Canada and now Australia. Whether competing in badminton or running in various marathons, staying healthy and regularly exercising is a huge part of her life. She feels she has a responsibility to help others who want to improve their body and therefore their life with the belief that a healthy body can improve mental state and vice versa. 

Fit Muscle Therapy is a group of highly skilled professionals in the fitness and health industries with one common philosophy; 


Helping Other People Exist

We wish to be close to you, take care of you and support you along the way to achieve whichever is your goal.

Together we can make it happen!

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